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==== '''Season 2''' ====
==== '''Season 2''' ====
Alex meets [[Haddie Braverman]] when she decides to volunteer at the Berkeley Soup Kitchen. Initially, they become friends who work closely together, but Haddie becomes attracted to Alex and ends up kissing him. Alex breaks it off, saying that she shouldn't be getting into a relationship with him because he's had a messy life, but they start a relationship anyways.
Haddie hides their relationship from her parents until her mother, [[Kristina Braverman]], spots them kissing outside of the soup kitchen. Kristina and [[Adam Braverman]] invite Alex over for dinner, and though they think he is a good person, they decide that he shouldn't be with Haddie because he is a recovering alcoholic who ran away from home. He is also 19, which is 3 years Haddie's senior.
Alex and Haddie continue seeing each other, with Alex thinking that Adam and Kristina approve. When Adam finds out that they're still together, he punishes Haddie, and Alex breaks up with Haddie, angry that she lied about her parents approving of Alex. This causes Haddie to move in with her grandparents, [[Zeek Braverman]] and [[Camille Braverman]] briefly. Alex tells Haddie that he can't be with her until her parents approve.
Once Haddie moves back into her house and makes up with her parents, Alex and Haddie start dating again. With a couple of rules and restrictions, Adam and Kristina tentatively allow Haddie to date Alex. Alex takes Haddie to her senior prom, where afterwards they decide to have sex for the first time. Kristina and Adam find out when Haddie accidentally calls them while she and Alex are having sex.
==== '''Season 3''' ====
Alex gets arrested at a party with Haddie. Alex gets charged for assult and battery. Alex also has a pervious record making this charge very serious
Alex breaks up with Haddie with an emotional goodbye to the Braverman family

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Alex (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan) is Haddie Braverman's boyfriend during Season 2 and 3. He is also the manager of a local soup kitchen in Berkeley.

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