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Breadie Bowl is the imaginary friend of Haddie Braverman. He is quite a character likes to make snarky comments and recite his many catch phrases.

Catchphrases[edit | edit source]

Breadie Bowl is credited with saying all of the following phrases:

  • "Whada ya get when you mix bread and a bowl.... You a get a me heya"
  • "HE HE yeah uh Chowda man"
  • "Whats my name.... Breadie Bowl... Who are you.... Some one I know"
  • "Look out the Chowda Trains a coming through WHOAH WHOAH"

Summary[edit | edit source]

Breadie Bowl is Haddie Braverman's imaginary friend who started to appear in Haddie's mind when she was a child. She did not tell anyone of his existence until her teen years. Haddie believed she would be sent to therapy for acknowledging his existence. Once the family became aware of Mr. Bowl's existence they treated him like part of the family. Breadie Bowl's life came to an end after Haddie drove off a cliff into the football stadium where Breadie was a proffesional football player. Breadie Bowl knew Haddie as "BIG PERSON WHO SCARES ME AND STUFF AND IS WEIRD AND FOLLOWS ME." His final wish was to avenge his death by pouring his favorite Manhatten Clam Chowda or "Awesome Sauce" as he refered to it all over Haddie until she quote "Died in a boiling hot of awesome chowda goodness." The doctor could no longer resist himself and he drank the remaining "Awesome Sauce that kept Breadie "Chowdaman" Bowl alive.

Fan Reaction[edit | edit source]

The fans of Parenthood were skeptical at first of how Breadie Bowl would interact with the rest of the family (Considering he was an imaginary talking Bread Bowl). Breadie quickly made himself part of the Parenthood family, and in turn your family. The reaction to Breadie Bowl's death was strictly negative, countless petitions were made (surprise, suprise) and the more hardcore fans went into a bread bowl death induced trance in which they had the uncontrollable urge to eat bread bowls (Panera Breads stock rose by 30 points that day). The petition has gotten enough signature, but the White House has not yet responded.

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