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Camille "Millie" Braverman (portrayed by Bonnie Bedelia) is the wife of Zeek Braverman and the mother of Adam Braverman, Sarah Braverman, Crosby Braverman, and Julia Braverman-Graham.


Camille can be considered the backbone of the family; always being there for a family member when they are in trouble. Though sincere, and wise, her advice isn't always what her kids want to hear. A good example of this is when she tries to get Adam and Kristina Braverman to accept their daughter's relationship with Alex, which Kristina does not want to hear, leading to a fight between the two until she turns to her mother-in-law for emotional support. Another example is when Camille reminds Zeek that every visit to his mom always ends in disappointment.

While supportive, she can also be headstrong, and takes more of a firm role when pushed, as when she yells at Sarah for "using" her to baby-sit Drew Holt while he's on punishment.

However, overall, the kids view their mother as a good mother, and credit her as so throughout the series whenever they have problems with their own kids. Camille shows herself approved by listening and understanding her kids, and always being there for them when they need her, one of the major qualities that make her a great wife and mother.


Though not specifically stated, it is implied at Camille is about 63 when the series begins and 68 by Season 6. This can be figured out by the fact that she reveals she turned forty when Sarah was a teenager on the back of a motorcycle and was presumbly fifteen.

This would fit Adam's statement in season one that both she and Zeek were married for forty-six years, meaning she married Zeek around seventeen. This may explain why she never had a career of her own. Lastly, Bonnie Bedelia, at the age of 65, states in an interview for Season 5 that the character is only a couple of years older than she is (which would be 67), also supporting this.