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Damian (portrayed by Eduardo Rioseco) is the ex-boyfriend in Amber Holt. The two dated for some time before being forced to break up because Amber was moving from Fresno to Berkley with her mother and brother. Amber's mother, Sarah Braverman, never approved of Damian because she thought he was a bad influence on Amber.


Before the Series[]

Damian and Amber date for an unknown amount of time and sleep together regularly. He is not approved of by Amber's mother.

Season 1[]

He and Amber are forced to break up when Amber when she moves from Fresno to Berkley in the Pilot. He and Amber are seen in bed together before she is dragged out and into the car by Sarah. Damian visits Amber in Berkley, but they ultimately break up because they cannot handle a long distance relationship.