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Gaby (portrayed by Minka Kelly) is Max's behavioral aid, who helps out Adam Braverman and Kristina Braverman when they find out that their son, Max Braverman, is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. She goes on to have an affair with Crosby and resigns out of guilt, and is seen working with Noel Lessing afterward.



Gaby helps the family and helps Max take leaps and strides. She is very good with children and is responsible for Max's gradual social growth. Although Adam and Kristina were at first doubtful of her abilities, they see Max progress and grow to appreciate her greatly.

Gaby becomes involved with Crosby Braverman after he goes through trouble with his fiancee Jasmine Trussell. The two end up sharing a connection, and although they promise not to become romantically involved because it would be wrong, they end up sleeping together on the night of Max's birthday party.

Gaby is embarassed by her actions and tearfully leaves Adam, Kristina, and Max, at first citing personal reasons. Adam and Kristina are devastated. Kristina goes over to Gaby's apartment and expresses how much she loves and appreciates Gaby, and Gaby finally tells her the truth.

She and Crosby talk and agree that they cannot be together because Crosby is in love with Jasmine and because Gaby has real feelings for him. Gaby ends up working with the Lessings, who are Kristina and Adam's friends and neighbors. Although Kristina at first feels betrayed at this switch, she and Gaby end on good terms.


  • Minka is one of the many "Friday Night Lights" cast members to star on "Parenthood." The eight others are Michael B. Jordan (Alex), Matt Lauria (Ryan York), Scott Porter (Peter), Jesse Plemons (Landry Clarke), Stephanie Hunt (Devin Corrigan), Derek Phillips (Billy), Sam Jaeger (Joel Graham), Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Heather), Jeff Rosick (student), and Angela Rawna (therapist).
  • Minka starred on Parenthood creator, Jason Katims', other TV show, "Friday Night Lights" as Lyla Garrity.