"In-Between" is the eighth episode of the third season of Parenthood. It was originally broadcast on November 8, 2011. Sarah battles her feelings for Seth, who has changed his ways after rehab, even though she is in a relationship with Mark. Adam goes through a dry spell with Kristina and is hit on by his assistant, Rachel. Kristina, Adam, Camille, and Zeek go to a work party.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Seth is released from rehab and, after Sarah sees the place that he will be staying at, offers for him to stay at Amber's apartment while Amber lives at the Braverman household for a little while. Seth and Sarah get closer and kiss, leading Sarah to talk to Camille about maybe getting back together with Seth even though she is very happy with Mark. Amber overhears, talks to Seth about him getting in the way of their lives, and Seth departs town after saying goodbye to Sarah. Meanwhile, Crosby is jealous of Jabbar's relationship with Jasmine's boyfriend, Dr. Joe and tries to compete for Jabbar's attention. Amy and Drew try to define their relationship after Zeek intervenes by calling Amy Drew's girlfriend. Adam has trouble with Kristina in terms of heating things in the bedroom, and they decide to go to a party with Zeek and Camille. Adam also deals with Rachel, his and Crosby's assistant, who he thinks is coming on to him.

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Sarah: To see Seth becoming the man I always thought he could be all those years, it is kind of moving, and I do picture it.
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