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Jabbar Trussell-Braverman (played by Tyree Brown) is the son of Crosby Braverman and Jasmine Trussell, and the older brother of Aida Braverman.



At the beginning of the series, Jabbar does not meet his father, Crosby Braverman, until he was five years old because his mother, Jasmine Trussell-Braverman, does not tell him. After meeting his father, they spend time together, trying to get to know each other and and make up for the missed years. It takes him awhile to start calling Crosby "dad."

Eventually, Crosby and Jabbar become very close. He initially doesn't understand the concept of Crosby and Jasmine getting married, but is excited to be part of their wedding at the end of Season 3.

At the end of Season 4, it's revealed that his parents are expecting a baby, and he's about to become a big brother. In Season 5, Jabbar beomes a big brother when his parents welcome their second child — a daughter named Aida.

He is friends with his cousins Max, Victor and Sydney. He is also friends with Jensen from school. Due to his Grandma Renee Trussell, he believes in God and prays everyday. He is very interested in music and recording just like Crosby and often spends time in the recording studio.