Jim Kazinsky (portrayed by Mike O'Malley) is Sarah Braverman's high school friend and ex-boyfriend. He is a coffee barista and published poet.

Life[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Jim and Sarah date in the Pilot when Sarah's younger sister, Julia Braverman-Graham, sets them up on a date. Sarah remembers Jim from high school and expects him to be very good looking like he used to be, but her expectations are not met. Sarah is disappointed when she learns that Jim is a "fat, balding barista." She tries to escape the date, but decides to stay when Jim tells her that she has never looked more beautiful. They sleep together that night, but are walked in on by Sarah's son, Drew Holt.

In the next episode, Sarah and Jim go out on another date at his coffee shop, but Sarah breaks up with Jim because she doesn't feel the chemistry between them. She then leaves, leaving him and his co-workers upset.

The next day, Sarah goes to his house and asks if she can come in. He asks if she likes lasagna, and when she says yes, he invites her inside. We don't see him again, and this relationship wasn't tied up before she started dating someone new.

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