Qualities and Difficulties Season 2,episode 18 airdate: March 1 2011


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Episode Summary

Kristina and Adam attempt an effort to talk to Max about his aspergers( Which he accidently finds out about from his uncle Crosby in the previous episode after not knowing what he had for a year) and what it's all about. Meanwhile, Sarah finds a new passion in writing a play about her family's life, Crosby finds himself in Jail when he gets into a fight, and Max skips school to go with his dad to an amusement park for the day.


Max asks his mom and what aspergers is and after telling him about his learning disability and that he is the only one that has it Max goes up to his room and Kristina breaks down in tears while Adam comforts her.

The next morning Sarah enters Zeek and Camille's house where she reveals to her mother that she was up all night writing something that she's never thought of before. When, Camille asks to read it Sarah tells her that she doesn't think it's quite ready too be read yet and tells Camille that when it is she'll be the first to know.

As Jasmine leaves the building of Jabbar's School, Crosby is there by her car about to apologize for cheating on her but she doesn't let him talk, gets in the car, and drives off. Sarah goes to Mark Cyr's apartment building and when Mark asks to read her writing Sarah eventually says yes.

Kristina and Adam attempt to talk to max again when they see a therapist about the situation.

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