Rachel (portrayed by Alexandra Daddario) was an employee at the Lunchonette, who worked below Adam Braverman and Crosby Braverman. Things heated up between her and Adam after she kissed one night in the rain, but he quickly rejected her because of his marriage to Kristina Braverman.

Life[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Rachel is employed by Adam and Crosby as an employee at their music company, The Lunchonette. Adam is initially resistant to hiring her because she is attractive, but is eventually convinced by Crosby. She is a good employee until she and Crosby have a party and get drunk. Adam takes her home, and she kisses him in front of her apartment. Adam rejects her because of his marriage to Kristina, Adam tells Kristina and it causes a rift in their marriage. Rachel calls Kristina to tell her sorry, and that it was her fault. The last we see of Rachel is when she celebrates with Crosby and Adam becuase they made the cover of the San Fransisco weekly. After this she is never heard from again.

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