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Renee Trusell (portrayed by Tina Lifford) is the mother of Jasmine Trussell-Braverman and Sekou Trussell and grandmother of Jabbar Trussell-Braverman.


Season 1[]

Renee makes her first appearance at a family occassion and meets her grandson's father for the first time. She and the rest of Jasmine's family have an initial bad view of Crosby, as they think he abandoned his responsibilities as a dad. However, she soon learns that Jasmine did not tell him and took it upon herself to raise Jabbar.

Season Two[]

She makes a few more appearances helping Crosby take care of Jabbar when her daughter goes away for a while. She and Crosby bump heads until he tells her that he's not going anywhere. She later appears during thanksgiving.

Season Three[]

Renee appears to celebrate Jasmine's and Crosby's reunion.

Season Four[]

Renee shows up earlier in the season to discuss religion with Jasmine and Crosby, who want to be in charge of their son's beliefs.

In the last four episodes of the season, it's learned that she's having problems with her finances after losing her job of thirty years. She then moves in temporarily with her daughter and annoys Crosby by taking over. She eventually moves out and in with her son when things between her and Crosby come to a head. Crosby later apologizes in the finale and he and Jasmine share news that she has another grandchild on the way.

Season Five[]

Renee is now living in an apartment, though, it is unknown if she is still staying with her son, Sekou Trussell. She makes one appearance wanting to get her granddaughter baptized.

Season Six[]

When Jasmine is forced to go to work, she ends up working with her mother as a file clerk. Renee appears to be back on her feet ad enjoying her job, as well as her daughter's presence. Renee then gets Jasmine to reveal that she and Crosby are having financial troubles. While having dinner with the family, she brings up the success of a friend's son in real estate and then proposes the idea to Crosby which angers him.

Her final appearance is at Sarah's wedding, taking pictures with the family.


  • Renee Trussell has appeared in a total of 15 episodes of Parenthood.
  • Renee is the only mother-in-law of the Braverman family who is seen in the series. Joel's mother is mentioned to be deceased when Julia talks to her daughter about heaven, while Kristina's mother is mentioned to be distant and too busy for her, which is heavily noted when she ends up with cancer.