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Steve Williams (portrayed by Asher Monroe) is Haddie Braverman's ex-boyfriend. After he and Haddie break up, he plays the sympathy card to Haddie's cousin, Amber Holt, and ends up sleeping with her. He later departs the show because his fling with Amber angers everyone and causes a rift between the two girls.


Season 1[]

Steve begins dating Haddie in Season 1, unbeknownst to her parents, Adam Braverman and Kristina Braverman, who find out through Facebook. Haddie introduces Steve to her family at dinner, and Adam pretends to be cool with the relationship for his daughter's sake. Steve is shown to get extremely close with the family, going as far as to call Camille by her first name, which makes everyone uncomfortable.

Soon, however, his and Haddie's relationship goes sour when he starts pressuring her into sex. Since she is not ready, Haddie breaks up with Steve after being convinced by Amber. Steve talks to Amber and gets her sympathy. They eventually sleep together, which is discovered by Haddie. This causes the girls to get into a long drawn-out fight, resulting in an even bigger fight within the entire family. Eventually, Amber and Haddie make up, but neither dates Steve after that. He doesn't appear in any further episodes.