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"The Deep End of the Pool" is the third episode from the first season of Parenthood. This episode first aired on March 16, 2010.


Max does his best to concentrate while taking a test, but he just can't keep his attention away from the classroom's large, bubbling fish tank. When his pencil tears into his paper, he's overwhelmed with frustration, and leaves his seat to stare at the fish, ignoring his teacher. Jasmine drops off Jabbar at Crosby's houseboat. Jabbar has brought his board games to play while Jasmine attends her first dance audition in many years. Crosby reassures Jasmine that she's a great dancer, and she'll do fine. Once she's gone, he offers Jabbar a drink--whiskey or beer? Adam and Kristina fight to get their son into an exclusive private school, Footpath, after Max gets kicked out of his former school. Meanwhile, while meeting with Footpath, they miss Haddie's soccer game and learn that she feels like they have always paid more attention to Max. Sarah confronts her dad about the condoms she found in the den. Julia, a prominent high school swimmer, is unsatisfied with the methods used in her daughter's Zen swimming class so she takes matters into her own hands by attempting to teach her daughter how to swim.


Wilco (The Song) by Wilco
Make You Crazy by Brett Dennen
The Whip by Locksley
Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
Shine On by The Kooks
Second Lieutenant” by Happy Hollows
In The End by Ida Maria
Alice Marble Gray by Califone
The Swimming Song by Loudon Wainwright III

Memorable Quotes[]

Crosby: Do you want something to drink, whiskey or beer?
Adam: You know what Crosby, however hard you think it’s having a kid, just double it.
Crosby: What makes all of this worth it?
Adam: What makes it worth it is the connection, the bond you feel, their yours. You know, you’re part of them.
Sarah: You’re still my favorite son.
Adam: There are some days when you just blow it, and that is what happened today. I blew it and I’m really, really sorry.
Haddie: It's Okay.
Adam: I am very, very proud of you, in so many ways.
Haddie tears up
Zeek: You’re not gonna cry over this piece of junk, are you?
Sarah: No.
Zeek: Okay.
Sarah: I know it’s a bad car. It’s just… Amber said her first word in it… “no”. Drew came within two blocks of being born in it. It hardly ever worked, but the day I needed to move them out of Seth’s, it started on the first try.




  • Erinn Hayes as Racquel
  • Mike O'Malley as Jim Kazinsky
  • Tom Amandes as Dr. Pelikin
  • Paula Newsome as Dr. Robertson
  • Faith Wong as Harmony
  • Elise Robertson as Debra
  • Amy Lawhorn as Barista
  • Cassandra Braden as Assistant
  • Tara Platt as Teacher
  • Marc Anthony Samuel as Barista #2
  • Jordan Timsit as Autistic Boy (uncredited)